"By integrating our own innovations and new technologies we develop and manufacture special purpose robotic systems to protect human lives in most dangerous environments, primarily in demining, mining and fire-fighting.“


„Continuous investment in business excellence will create a superior basis for the expansion of innovative production line ensuring recognition and growth of the Company on the world market.“

To achieve the mission and vision, the DOK-ING employees should have and be guided by the core values of the company determined on the basis of experience, confirmed on the basis of present situation, and  stated here on the basis of future challenges.


Innovativeness – Openness to change through embracing new ideas and quick reaction to external impulses. It derives from our precious sources within the company and their dedication to seize new opportunities using present capabilities. As an innovative organization we rely on technology to achieve competiveness, on openness and orientation to change in all aspects of our business endeavours. For us inventiveness is „conditio sine qua non“ of effective functioning of our business system and accomplishment of a long-term success.

Commitment and Perseverance – absolute dedication of our staff to achieve set goals and fulfil our users’ requirements  along with continuous creation of new values regardless of obstacles and problems that might occur on the path of creativity.

Knowledge and Competence – whatever we do we rely on the knowledge and competence of our staff. Both collective and individual awareness in our company revolve around the necessity to invest in the knowledge and capabilities of both an individual and the whole organization, adoption of new technologies, education and vocational training. We encourage the climate where knowledge and competence are the basis of creation of new values for our clients.

Accountability – requirement for each and every individual within the company to undertake and fulfil responsibilities conscientiously. We stick to our promises and fulfil our obligations. Every employee is accountable for their scope of work as well as the company total accomplishment.  Our professional attitude towards our customers, partners and associates generates long-term sustainable business environment.

Flexibility – Not even the strongest can easily survive the toughness of the natural order of things; only those prepared to react to changes in their environment. Therefore, constant fine-tuning to new market situations is an imperative. By doing it we develop new know-hows and skills required for our reactions to unexpected situations. Openness for new and different things is something we are proud of in this company. We constantly modify our resources, know-how and technology in order to solve technologically complex end-users’ demands and follow-up successfully global market changes. Our flexibility limit is determined by our values, i.e. we are as flexible as our own integrity protection allows us to be.


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