Founder and owner, President of the Board

Vjekoslav Majetić

Establishing a company with a motto „Don't send a man to do a machine's job“ definitely says a lot about the person behind it. Going through life, as he always advises his young engineers to do: “with eyes wide open and  watching carefully what is still missing in the world that can improve and facilitate people’s lives”, an innovative mind such as Vjekoslav Majetić is, could always find an easier and more safe way to do things.

Being involved in demining activities after the war in Croatia, it was just a matter of time and resources when he would design a machine to replace a man – a machine that is remotely controlled, so the operator could demine from the safe distance.

A visit to the mines of South Africa was another provocation – again people in hostile and dangerous environment needed a machine that could help them in not just raising the productivity but also provide a higher level of safety. His design of an ultra low profile dozer met both requirements.

In the meantime, a variety of ideas and design sketches were noted by Vjekoslav Majetić. As the company grew, the experience and testing results pushed him and the small team of engineers to improve all of the machines. Thus, a multifunctional robotic firefighting system was designed on the basis of previous constructions and knowledge. Notion of security and safety is the essential  element of the design – to protect human life in the extreme hazards of the everyday situations.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Vjekoslav Majetić  always followed his instincts. The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering just gave him the basics, a few other jobs and services just provided different perspectives. DOK-ING was established at the end of 1991, and it was one of the companies that grew up “from a home garage”.

Almost every new project brought an award – best innovation for MV-4 Mine Clearance System from a number of societies, best exporter from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, gold, silver and bronze medals for a number of innovations, now part of the standard manufacturing processes at DOK-ING. Today Vjekoslav Majetić is a member of the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) Working Group for developing new international standards for mechanical demining equipment, a member of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), the Society for Counter-ordnance Technology and the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia.

And somewhere in these busy days full of engineering, production problems, negotiations and marketing trips, a boy’s dream comes true. A small urban electric car, luxurious but simple, definitely representing his vision of 21st century usage of technology.

Today Vjekoslav, the owner and founder of DOK-ING, is a member of the Management Board, in charge of the R&D department, new and automotive projects.

Board members

Davor Krpan

The amount of experience Davor Krpan brought to DOK-ING more than 10 years ago allowed him to take over the whole production process, planning and a good part of company strategy decision making, along with Vjekoslav Majetić. It was not just his formal education as a mechanical engineer, a graduate from University of Zagreb, but more working experience he got on previous positions that gave him a solid basis for running the production of special purpose machines and equipment.

After a short introduction to Croatia's most known company for designing and developing power generation, transmission and distribution plants and the manufacture of the accompanying equipment, electric vehicles and equipment for electric traction plants „Rade Končar“, Davor Krpan  was a head of planning and computer department at prestigious cable manufacturing company, Elka Cable factory for more than a decade.

His international experience has been acquired while being the technical manager at Control Cavi Industry in Italy, Bernate Ticino, for almost five years, where he managed production process of a wide range of instrumentation, control and power cables.

Returning to Croatia and coming to DOK-ING provided an opportunity to apply the gathered knowledge, experience and skills at manufacturing of specialized robotic systems. His appointment to the Management Board provides continuity for the organization, firmly bringing together the everyday operations and focused efforts on internal effectiveness, manufacturing processes and planning.

Ana Majetić

Belonging to a post-war generation, Ana Majetić was born and educated in Zagreb. Just a few years older that DOK-ING, her growing up was shaped by family business started by her father, internet and mobile generation unaware of the past information boundaries.

The entreprenuerial Economics was a logical choice at the University of Applied Sciences, just as the MBA study at Zagreb School of Economics and Management. Yet, the real education started at different departments of DOK-ING, providing Ana with the insight to a whole process of realizing an innovation and making a new product, marketing it and finally, when sold, keeping up with customers, clients and partners.

Being recently appointed a member of the Management Board, she overviews and manages all the supporting departments including Human Resources, IT support, Finance and Accounting.

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