Demonstration of MV-4 and MV-10 with real landmines

Cerovac, November 27 – Nine landmines in a row were neutralized by DOK-ING's most popular robotic demining system MV-4, followed by another two AP mines, and then the demonstration was ended by three AT mines, found and neutralized by  MV-10 system. The very rarely done real time scenario demonstration was perfomed at the polygon of the Croatian Mine Action Center in Cerovac, near Karlovac, some 70 km from Zagreb. 

The successful demonstration was organized  for the Ministry of defense representatives  from Saudi Arabia, who came to Croatia just to visit  DOK-ING and see its most known products in action. The demonstration, peformed in a very strict, military manner, with all the necessary protection measures for the personnel and visiting guests, was also recorded so it could be shown to other interested in seeing MV-4 and MV-10 in action.

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