DOK-ING at the Expomina Exhibition in Lima - Peru

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After five successful editions and already positioned as one of the most important mining trade shows in the world, EXPOMINA PERU 2016 was held in Lima from September 14 to 16 at the Centro de Exposiciones Jockey. During three days, EXPOMINA PERU 2016 brought local and international leading mining companies and suppliers from 27 countries. In an area of 45,000 m² they showcased their high-tech heavy machinery, equipment and services in 1200 exhibition booths visited by over 100,000 people. Along Expomina, the First International Mining Conference - CONFEMIN was launched as the main mining business meeting of Peru.

Although helpful at every step, the organizers of this trade fair were as chaotic as everywhere in the world, so Goran and Goga had to start from the scratch, but in two days the DOK-ING stand got its true appearance. It has been a debut presentation of DOK-ING in this country, but thousands of people constantly visiting and walking around proved it to be of a good value.

Conceived as a platform which should bring together representatives of government institutions, entrepreneurs and experts, the Expomina Exhibition confirmed the value of XLPD system, surprising everyone in its simplicity and size. Although relatively few visitors were speaking English, the interest shown removed all language barriers, and our brochures in Spanish were well accepted. 

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