DOK-ING at the First Symposium on Virtual space

The first Symposium of the virtual space – as a contemporary space was held on Saturday, December 3, in Zagreb’s Technical museum “Nikola Tesla”. DOK-ING has been represented by Antun Vrućina who held a presentation named “Virtual Space in Industrial production”.

The symposium was organized in order to introduce experts who are engaged in research on the subject of virtual space-contemporary space. Similarly, the intention was to introduce the public to contemporary issues and the needs of modern man. The first Symposium attracted speakers / experts from different fields (art, culture, science, technology, industry, architecture and urban planning, archeology, management and tourism).

The purpose of the symposium has been to enable correlation of all areas relevant to the life of modern man, and his research and discovery of new solutions enable high-quality and modern life. Experts presented opportunities (according to personal experience) to apply the most advanced technologies in various fields, especially in modern urban planning, archeology, industry and communications.  The round table enabled all teachers and visitors to participate in the discussion of the mentioned topics. 

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