DOK-ING sponsors CROsolara 01

Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering designed and are working on the project "Research and development of solar electric car" which should enable them to study individual subsystems and components needed for a future solar electric vehicle. 

DOK-ING has been appointed as the main technical sponsor since it has the so needed experience and basic knowledge gathered through the development of its own small urban electric vehicle. Thus, Albert, Nikša and Mario participated in the development of the chassis, suspension and battery systems, as well as electronics. Practically, they have been working on the things they have already done while developing the the first XD concept and later on, LOOX.

CROsolar 01 has been designed following the set technical characteristics and rules of the world racing solar electric vehicles. It is going take part in 2017 or even 2018 races such as the World Soalr Challenge Australia, American Solar Challenge or Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge. Being there is not just to race and win, but also to promote your university and country, as well as the partners and sponsors of the project.


Currently, CROsolar 01 has been thoroughly tested, and everyone is waiting for the announcement of the first race. 

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