DOK-ING Systems now on GSA Advantage Schedule

DOK-ING Ltd. is proud to announce that effective 1 January 2016, our Premier system, the MV-4D and all attachments, are now available on the General Services Administration’s GSA Advantage website.  These products can also be located on GSA eLibrary under Schedule 84 (Total Solutions For Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response),  Special Item Number (SIN) 426-4E.

Having more than 20 years of experience, DOK-ING today is one of the international leaders in the designing and production of robotic systems for special purposes.  The main feature of its product range is all systems are remotely controlled.  They are specifically designed and produced to protect human lives in the most dangerous of conditions primarily in humanitarian demining, route/area clearance, firefighting and underground mining.  Products based on DOK-ING’s innovations, development and technology are present and working in more than 25 countries worldwide.

The MV4 is currently fielded by the US Army as the M160 Light Mine Clearing Vehicle with 120 systems procured. This vehicle has undergone extensive US Military product testing and is a Program of Record (POR) asset for the Family of Systems Capabilities Production Document (CPD). It has also been tested and in use by several other countries making it the most thoroughly tested demining system in the world.  The MV4 is a heavy robust system that can withstand small UXO and Anti-Personnel Mine blasts and was deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq respectively.  US Forces initially used the MV-4 for area clearance supporting the expansion of Air Bases. However, its mission has been expanded to include route clearance and defoliating river banks to reduce concealment for hostile forces.  Secondary uses for the system include debris removal and breaching missions. DOK-ING also deploys this system with personnel to support humanitarian demining missions abroad.  Key characteristics of this machine is its ability to operate in rugged environments at extreme temperatures, ease of operation, and transportability.  It can be outfitted with seven discrete front/rear tool attachments in addition to the flail head.  The system can be utilized as a remote bulldozer for pushing and relocating ground obstructions.  It has a tiller attachment that can be utilized to ensure consistent penetration depth for mine clearing efforts. It can be deployed with a roller attachment that is used to detonate pressure devices. The gripper tool is capable of lifting and transporting materials in any shape in excess of 2000 LBS. The latest attachments are the rear forklift and shovel tool coupled with an EOD/Manipulator Arm.  These tool sets expand the use of the system beyond the current scope of mine clearing and is now available to be procured through the GSA Advantage Schedule.


DOK-ING’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Zagreb, Croatia, and being part of GSA Advantage gives added value for procurement for existing and future customer base worldwide.  Ante Milicevic, Vice President of Business Development for DOK-ING America states, “Being the only company in Croatia to be part of the GSA Advantage Schedule is a monumental feat for us and gives an additional tool for our customer base to procure our products readily and easily.  As an international leader in the designing and production of robotic systems for special purposes, GSA was a perfect fit to further promote our products, systems and solutions”.  DOK-ING plans on adding additional systems and solutions to the GSA Advantage Schedule in the near future such as the MV10 Double Tool Mine Clearance system, MVF-5 Firefighting system and their fleet of XLPD mini dozers for underground mining and construction.


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