Honorary Consul of Botswana – Vjekoslav Majetić

Vjekoslav Majetić, honorary consul, Botswana, mining equipment, minerals

Last week the owner of DOK-ING, Vjekoslav Majetić, as the newly appointed Honorary Consul of Botswana in Croatia, attended the 50th anniversary of independence celebration. . The luxurious two-day celebration with the participation of about 20 thousand performers took place in the capital Gaborone.

Beside the celebration and official protocol, the honored guests from all over the world, visited several government organizations such as the Center for Investment and Trade, Development Office, National Tourist organization, as well as the diamond producers and trade companies.


Since minerals are basis for the economy development, the visit to Botswana’s mines was of a great value. DOK-ING’s mining systems would definitely be helpful, improving the efficiency and safety, so in the future, they are going to be showcased at the different mining trade shows.

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