The largest Exhibition of the Future mining equipment and technologies - MinExpo 2016 in Las Vegas

XLP, mining, underground mining, sweeper, dozer, MinExpo 2016

Showcasing its products and services at many famous and well known exhibitions in the world, the ones related to military, security and safety, crisis management and counter IED operations, the last in the 2016 series, MinExpo 2016 in Las Vegas surpassed them all in size – not just in the number of exhibitors, visitors, professionals and business peple, but also through the largest exhibits.

DOK-ING’s XLP for underground mining, or surface cleaning and moving attracted many people and quite good questions. Most of the visitors asked for additional promo materials, contacts and information, since the system itself has not been showcased the Exhibition this time.


The three-day fair was full of events - in addition to the conference, the most visited were presentations of new technologies and equipment, as innovation has been the backbone of this year's MinExpo in Las Vegas. Everything has been focused on increasing productivity, lowering costs and improving safety. And in this context our XLP has been one of the stars!

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