Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2015

The first project of its kind in Croatia and the region, "Nikola Tesla Electric Vehicles Rally" enabled the integrationd of partners, cities and towns, tourist offices, ministries and funds into the project whose emphasis is on the excellence and ecology. DOK-ING, providing the first initiative and support to the Electric Vehicles Rally, became the partner without whose electric cars the Rally is just unthinkable. 

The second Nikola Tesla EV Rally has been promoted into an international event since the tour went to Slovenia and Italy this year. The EV Rally 2015, held May 27 - 31, proved that it is not just a "rally" but rather an extraordinary tourist event being as "cool" for modern globetrotters, environmentally conscious trendsetters as for entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and enthusiasts. 

The goal of establishing "Tourist green route" has been accomplished and a number of charging stations were opened on the route of the Rally. The infrastructure growth has integrated local communities and different companies, leaders of innovation and enviromentally aware public. 

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