The MV-10 Double Tool Mine Clearance System (MV-10) is designed to clear various types of terrain containing Anti-Personnel (AP) mines, Anti-Tank (AT) mines, and unexploded ordnance (UXO). Due to its exceptional power and high clearance rate, the MV-10 is suitable for mine clearance of large areas contaminated with all types of mines and UXOs. The operating tools for digging and mine clearance are fixed to the front of the system and are specifically designed to detonate or destroy mines and UXOs as the MV-10 moves forward. The MV-10 uses two tools - a rotating flail tool designed to activate or shatter AP and AT mines and a rotating tiller tool that performs secondary clearance and also always keeps the digging depth constant. The flail and the tiller unit can operate simultaneously or independent of one another. Additional tool attachments include the roller and blade/gripper unit.

Design - Not being a converted construction machine or tank, the original design  enables MV-10 to perform nly one task - mine clearanace. It can work year round in almost all conditions – its dimensions, excellent maneuverability, high engine power and low track-ground pressure being the most important features. It weights up to 20 tons based on its configuration, with excllent cross country perfomance.

The productivity - Operated by a single operator using the remote control unit from a safe distance, the productivity goes up to 7000 m2 per hour. The system feature a maximum clearance depth of 60 cm. The best reference is over 40 million square meters of mine polluted terrain mechanically cleared by the system.

The effectiveness - Usage of both the rotating flail tool and rotating tiller tool to destroy Anti-Personnel and Anti-Tank mines ensures the hign effectiveness of the MV-10 system. The flail and tiller can operate simultaneously or independent of one another. Further, only one operator and two mechanics are required for transport, operation and repair/maintenance.

Protection - HARDOX 450 steel plates used in its construction make the MV-10 system highly resistant to the fragmentation of landmines.

Safety - The remote controll of the system includes the operational range going up to 2000 m in line of sight. By ensuring the operator is well clear of the MV-10 or inside a protected vehicle, even the AT mines could be safely detonated. Operators are protected from even minor health issues that can arise from being in close proximity to the blast.

Transport - The MV-10 system can be moved by road using a standard flat-bed trailer. It can also be transported by air with the C-130 Hercules or by sea in the 20 feet container. Only few minutes are required to unload the MV-10 from any transportational asset and to begin with mechanical clearance activities. No special preparation activities or additional personnel is needed.

Maintenance - All preventative checks and services (PMCS) and the majority of repairs can be carried out by the operator and mechanic in the field. Regular services are conducted in specific intervals. All sections of the system that are susceptible to explosion damage can be replaced quickly and easily.

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