30 years of experience. More than 400 systems sold in 40 countries worldwide. Over 100 national and international awards won.


Establishment of the company with the idea to produce remote-controlled machines to protect people working in dangerous conditions. Later on the company will embrace the motto “Don’t send a man to do a machine’s job”, while its first EOD robot designed for anti-terrorist activities will be developed in a collaboration with the Croatian Ministry on Internal Affairs in 1995.


First mini flail system MV-1 was manufactured and DOK-ING started with demining activities in Croatia. SEAF (Small Enterprise Assistance Fund) – American organization invested in R&D of DOK-ING’s demining systems and helped further development of the business.


First mini flail system MV-1 served as the basis for the new and improved MV-4 demining system that was constructed and delivered to its first customer – Croatian Ministry of Defense. The MV-4 presents DOK-ING’s best-selling product up to date.


Mining program started with the development of XLP Dozer when DOK-ING signed its first contract with Anglo American Platinum. DOK-ING South Africa was established for post-sale support and maintenance.


The big year for DOK-ING’s global expansion due to the first big contract with the U.S. Army for the production of the MV-4 systems which became the core machinery for the U.S. Army.


Alongside with the DOK-ING’s export growth, the needs for production capacities increased as well. The new production facility VJ-EKO was opened in Slunj.

Furthermore, DOK-ING expands its area of business into the firefighting by designing and manufacturing its first firefighting machine.


Signing the game changing contract with Anglo American Platinum for development of electrical ULP dozer, ULP roof and ULP drill rig for underground mining.
In the area of mine clearance, DOK-ING’s presence grew on the global level and its machines were delivered to two more continents – MV-10 systems to Australian Department of Defense and MV-4 systems to Government of Sri Lanka, immediately after the war’s ending.


MVF-5 Emergency Response Robotic System was premiered at INTERSCHUTZ, the world’s leading exhibition in the industry.


 Quality and efficiency of the successful delivery of both MVF-5 and MV-4.

Entire ULP fleet, consisting of 7 parts, was delivered to South Africa for concept testing.


DOK-ING expands its presence on the Asian market, Middle East to be precise, by delivering MV-10 Heavy-Duty EOD Robotic Systems to the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The latest addition to the DOK-ING’s mine clearance family, MV-2 Honey Badger Compact EOD Robotic System was developed and showed at Eurosatory 2018 in Paris.


Next-Gen CBRN Unmanned Ground System MVC-8 Komodo was presented at (Adriatic Sea Defence & Aerospace (ASDA) exhibition in Split, Croatia.,


Ultra Low-Profile Remote-Controlled Dozer NRE DOZER, Ultra Low-Profile Remote-Controlled Electric Robotic Systems NRE DRILL RIG & NRE SUPPORT RIG, were developed


Counter Terrorism Robotic System MV-3 Hystrix was premiered at the Enforce Tac fair in Nuremberg, Germany. This multi-functional robotic system is intended for special, intervention, anti-explosion & anti-terrorist units of the police & army.