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of demined and cleared area

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explosive remnants of war

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AT/AP landmines


accidents and countless lives saved

From its early beginning, DOK-ING was focused toward maximum possible use of mechanical assets in demining operations. The added value of mechanical demining in terms of safety, productivity and cost-effectiveness is unquestionable. Company’s local start, which included providing professional humanitarian demining services in the homeland country, led to its expansion into the area of mine action operations in numerous other countries, such as Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, South Sudan, Nicaragua, Serbia.


DOK-ING provides a unique approach to each customer in order to provide high quality service with the focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety. Its wide palette of multi-mission robotic systems with variety of special operational tools is developed to meet different threats and is rigorously tested & evaluated, as per CWA 15044:2009.


Our Customer Support & Services Department makes DOK-ING a truly successful commercial operator in the HMA. All staff are highly motivated and dedicated to their work, properly trained with vast international experience. DOK-ING’s personnel are licensed deminers or auxiliary demining workers, while few of them have been trained and qualified to the IMAS EOD 3/3+ Level Technicians by the internationally recognized PCM and MAT Kosovo IMAS Training Specialists.



  • Mechanical demining and ground preparation
  • BAC
  • EOD
  • Mechanical technical survey and clearance


DOK-ING’s multi-purpose EOD robotic systems are widely used for number of humanitarian mine action services:


Mine Clearance Machines to detonate hazards

DOK-ING robotic systems are designed with purpose to actively destroy or otherwise neutralize hazards and may significantly reduce or, in some cases, eliminate the requirement for follow-up clearance e.g. where the perceived hazard was non-existent or where the remaining hazard presents a tolerable residual risk.


Machines for ground preparation

DOK-ING systems are generally used to improve efficiency of mine clearance operations by reducing or removing obstacles that hinder progress and create a better working environment for follow-on assets. Such tasks may include: vegetation cutting and clearing, removal of tripwires, loosening soil, removal of metal contamination, removal of building debris, boulders, rubble, defensive wire obstacles, excavation in support of deep search operations etc.


Depending on operational requirements, DOK-ING machines are involved in Technical Survey leading to more defined Confirmed Hazardous Area (CHA) through area reduction. This function may include preparing tracks to permit access into areas for demining operations.
DOK-ING mechanical assets can also be used in quality assurance or verification of previously cleared ground.