Our Customer & Services Department provides an all-inclusive after sales support in order to ensure the efficiency and safety of DOK-ING solutions usage by the end-user. DOK-ING has its own in-house capabilities and can send a team at short notice to any location worldwide.


Commiting to assure high quality service to our customers, DOK-ING provides the following services:


Speed, flexibility and accuracy in delivery with original value


We provide a fast response in spare parts distribution with the goal to support our customers whenever and wherever needed. Every enquiry is accepted by our experienced staff, as well as the team who designed the system.


Our wide network of partners and distributors makes sure to provide our customers with the excellent service. All required parts and components match the original specification. They are sure to be high-quality as the original ones and will be delivered in the minimum required time.


Timely bringing machines back to work


We provide rapidly responsive technical team across the globe in order to ensure less equipment downtime, longer asset life and improved efficiency of DOK-ING’ solutions.


Although each DOK-ING’s delivery is followed by the personnel training (maintenance included), DOK-ING provides machine maintenance service upon user’s request.


DOK-ING maintenance service includes the following:

  • Regular or periodical maintenance of the machines and equipment
  • Repairs according to customers’ operational requirements
  • On call maintenance and repairs personnel available on the global level
  • Reliable logistics solutions since all DOK-ING equipment can be transported with standard means via road, sea and air.


Safe and widespread use of our solutions


We provide comprehensive training which enables our customers and clients to operate and service DOK-ING systems. Every training program consists of a theoretical and practical test, and is available in different languages.


Training programs are tailored according to the specific needs of each customer and are performed by DOK-ING specialists with vast experience gained through 20 years of operating in many countries worldwide, e.g. Libya, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Sweden, Italy.


Training programs for customers personnel:

  • Mechanics – Upon completion of the training, mechanics will be qualified to repair the complete system and perform the basic and advance systems maintenance.
  • Operators – After the training, operators will be qualified to use the machine daily, including maintenance made prior to the system’s operation in the field (fluid check, filters check/replacement, track system check etc.)
  • Electricians – Once the training is complete, electricians will master the complete electrical scheme, common failure, safety and protection measures.



  • Customer’s country
  • DOK-ING Croatia



We are ready to provide on-site technical supervisor after the training course in Croatia, or overseas, is complete.


This will enable end-users to smoothly adjust their operation to local specific threat conditions and terrain environment, service their MV-4/MV-10 robotic system(s) in a professional way, thus getting higher efficiency from the very beginning of the operation.



We provide comprehensive after-sales support to all clients, ensuring replacement of obsolete parts and sub-assemblies in due course to extend the life cycle of their robotic systems.


In addition, DOK-ING offers variety of upgrades to both hardware and software in order to make the older versions of DOK-ING Robotic Systems more user friendly and up to date.