Development of remote-controlled vehicle for operations in the extreme CBRN conditions (DUV-NRKBE)

Project name and purpose: The project “Development of remote-controlled vehicle for operations in the extreme CBRN conditions (DUV-NRKBE)” aims to stimulate SMEs to invest in R&D and develop a new innovative solution for the global market.

Short description of the Project: With this project DOK-ING aims to develop a unique system for operation in the extreme heat zone, in the conditions of open fire and high temperatures, explosions, shrapnel, demolition, high concentrations of flammable, explosive and toxic substances, ionizing radiation and other CBRNe threats, as well as terrorism threats in which first responders cannot survive.

The system will be remotely operated, used for removal of hazardous objects, CBRN reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring, collecting and processing data as well as enabling prediction of events, sampling and marking of hazardous zones, putting out fires, performing CBRNe decontamination and neutralizing or removing explosive devices.

Applicant: DOK-ING d.o.o.

Project partners: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER)

The aim of the Project: The aim of this project is to develop a product up to TRL 8 according to which the product will be at the technological readiness level adequate for sales in the global market. During the project all technological risks and production problems will be resolved, resulting in a remotely operated vehicle with proven functioning in the prescribed CBRNe conditions. Thus the aim of the project is to achieve the above listed functionalities of the vehicle to enable it to be marketed globally. The machine will be composed of two main integral parts: the platform and the superstructure, in which all working systems will be installed.

Project Elements:

1. Experimental Development of Remote Controlled Vehicle for Operation in Extreme CBRNe Conditions (DUV-NRKBE) – DOK-ING i FER

2. Dissemination of project results – FER 

3. Promotion and Visibility – DOK-ING

4. Project Management and Administration – DOK-ING

Project total value: 18.293.410,95 kn

Eligible costs: 16.451.724,58 kn

EU funding: Grants amount to 8.907.495,03 kn

Project execution period: 10/2017 to 05/2021

Contact person: Gordan Pešić, 091/4824 146,