Increasing competitiveness by certification of MV-10 and MV-4 machines with working tools in accordance with international standard CWA 15044

Short description of the Project: Through the implementation of this project, DOK-ING plans to conduct conformity assessment and certification of humanitarian demining products MV-10 and MV-4 in accordance with the CEN agreement and the internationally recognized certificate CWA 15044: 2009 in order to increase the competitiveness of products on the global market. The CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) is the result of an initiative by the Swedish Mine Action Center (SWEDEC) with the participation of the Croatian Testing, Development and Training Center and the International Center for Humanitarian Demining in Geneva. The European Commission funded the adoption of the CWA protocol for testing mechanical demining machines. The CWA standard specifies a systematic and gradual approach to testing demining equipment. The reason for this is a technical, but the most important is the safety of staff handling equipment for demining. The first step in testing equipment according to the protocol is to set a frame of reference for comparing existing testing techniques and instruments and for improving and optimizing existing technologies. The development of products and equipment for demining in accordance with the CWA protocol and the possession of CWA certification contributes to the credibility of the new product that is introduced to the market.

Applicant: DOK-ING d.o.o.

Objective and expected result of the Project: Increased ability of DOK-ING to present innovative products on the international market in order to enter new geographic markets, which will result in increased revenues and exports and internationalization of business

Total Project’s value: 1.501.187,50 HRK

Value of EU co-financing: 780.617,50 HRK

Duration of the Project: 01.02.2020.– 01.02.2021.

Contact: Mirta Anjoš –