The internationalization of DOK-ING’s products for humanitarian demining and firefighting

Short description of the Project: By implementation of the project, company DOK-ING will strengthen its international competitiveness through the presentation of its products and services to the international business community and will introduce its own products to new foreign markets. The company has been operating successfully for 28 years in the domestic and foreign markets and has developed a full range of its own solutions and products. In the last few years, it has developed new solutions of a global character with application primarily in the firefighting and humanitarian demining sector for solving detections, reconnaissance and execution of manual actions in dangerous environments by remotely controlled vehicles and machines, which are also resistant to high temperatures, explosions, radioactive radiation, toxic substances, lack of oxygen and other similar conditions, with the aim of replacing people in such dangerous jobs. With this project, the company will open new target markets for its own solutions: Europe (France, Great Britain, Spain, Denmark, Norway), South America (Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina), Asia (India, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia), Australia and Oceania (Australia).

Applicant: DOK-ING d.o.o.

Objective and expected result of the Project: Increased ability of DOK-ING to present innovative products on the international market in order to enter new geographic markets, which will result in increased revenues and exports and internationalization of business

Total project’s value: 663.200,00 HRK

Value of EU co-financing: 334.230,00 HRK

Duration of the project: 01.09.2019. – 01.07.2020.

Contact: Mirta Anjoš –