2023 Milestone: Production of 300 MV-4


Zagreb, Croatia, January 5, 2024 – DOK-ING, a global leader in the production of heavy-duty robotics and autonomous systems, concluded the production and delivery of its 300th MV-4 robotic system to Ukraine in 2023. This remarkable achievement underscores the company’s recognition and commitment in advancing remote-controlled demining solutions.

„As we enter 2024, we reflect on the prosperity of the previous year. Previous period was marked by a significant milestone – the production and delivery of our 300th MV-4 machine to Ukraine. This milestone not only reflects the advanced capabilities and reliability of our technology but also underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation making a meaningful impact on demining operations worldwide,“ emphasizes Mislav Manda, Head of Sales and Marketing at DOK-ING, and adds, „This milestone is certanly reason to celebrate and serves as confirmation of DOK-ING achievments in the field of Military Engineering. We eagerly anticipate surpassing expectations further with the rest of our portfolio spanning CBRNe, Counter Terrorism, Emergency Response, and Underground Mining. Our innovations haven’t gone unnoticed, and we will continue setting new standards in these critical fields.“


The multi mission EOD robotic system MV-4, renowned for its versatility and advanced capabilities, has become a staple in the realm of mechanical demining. Reaching the 300th production milestone is a momentous occasion for DOK-ING’s dedicated team, who tirelessly work to engineer and manufacture high-quality robotic systems.

As part of its commitment to global humanitarian efforts, DOK-ING is pleased that the 300th MV-4 robotic system has been successfully delivered to Ukraine in 2023. This delivery reinforces DOK-ING’s commitment to saving lives and promoting global safety in clearing the path for reconstruction while establishing safe passages in regions burdened by the remnants of explosives from conflict.


Celebrating this achievement, DOK-ING remains focused on continuous innovation and improvement. DOK-ING is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to create solutions that address the evolving challenges in demining and beyond.

Here’s to the next 300 and beyond!