DOK-ING and ORQA Signing Memorandum of Understanding

Technologically Innovative Companies DOK-ING and ORQA Signed Memorandum of Understanding



Zagreb, Croatia, 26th of  September 2023. – During the international ENDR conference (Human-Machine Interfaces and Gaming Technologies in Defence), Croatian companies DOK-ING and ORQA signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the area of Manned Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) on 26th September 2023. Organizers of this conference are the European Commission and the Croatian Defence Industry Cluster. The conference is being held in the Croatian Military Academy, on 26-27 September.


During the signing of the Memorandum, Gordan Pešić, DOK-ING Member of the Board stated: The theme of the conference is the use of digital technologies and what advantages they bring to improve situational awareness with the aim of using advanced technologies in the field of security and defence. In accordance with the theme of the conference, the memorandum signed between the technologically innovative companies DOK-ING and ORQA establishes a framework for cooperation, the main goals of which are the exchange of knowledge, the implementation of joint research and development initiatives, the promotion and implementation of manned and unmanned systems and the implementation of the MUM-T concept solution (manned-unmanned teaming)”. Pešić then added: “The goals of this cooperation are the exchange of knowledge and best practices related to MUM-T technologies, systems and operations. Both companies will jointly promote research and development initiatives to advance capabilities and improve interoperability. We believe that we will realize numerous business opportunities in this domain. Furthermore, we will promote the importance and awareness of new technologies through workshops, seminars and conferences.”

The ENDR conference is divided into panels and demonstrations of innovative concepts and takes place in a virtual and physical format via the B2B platform.








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