DOK-ING Presented Tech Advanced Life-saving Robots at Combat Engineer Conference in Poland

DOK-ING’s Winning Innovations Held the Interest of the Key Decision-Makers & the End Users in Poland

Zagreb,  Croatia, February 6th 2023 –  DOK-ING participated at the Combat Engineer Conference where the company presented its winning innovations to the key decision-makers and the end users in Warsaw, Poland in February 2023. The conference gathered 800 niche professionals – both industry and military experts who had the opportunity to network, discuss, learn and shape the future of Military Engineering. The focus was on the advancements in technological developments and service-based solutions and understanding future threats and solutions.

Dino Išasegi, Sales Manager  DOK-ING held a presentation on “How robotics can augment our forward deployed solutions?”. The presentation was focused on the solutions of MV-4 & MV-10 and the vision of the future with the KOMODO platform. 


DOK-ING at Combat Engineer Conference in Poland               

“DOK-ING is a leader in advanced tech solutions which are facing today’s dangerous situations. During my presentation in Poland, the end users were focused on today’s modern world threats shown in the recent post-conflict zones, technology advancements used in wars and us as a company offering answers in-lined with technologies. The war happening in Ukraine is showing the world that new technologies are used in the war which is not the same as it was in Croatia 30 years ago and DOK-ING offers modern tech solutions. And we have the answers based on our worldwide experience in demining as well as end-user feedback which is part of the growth produced from the feedback.” .stated Dino Išasegi, Sales Manager of DOK-ING and added: “After the presentation, the military experts showed a huge interest in DOK-ING products and our experience in recent post-conflict zones which showed the biggest threats these days are anti-tank mines for which we have our MV-10 machines as a perfect solution.”

The combat Engineer’s aim was to analyse and address the challenges of military engineering to prepare the warfighter for the future battlefield. The organisers take a completely customer-centric approach to deliver insightful research into the Defence community and provide a platform for industry members and end-users to network, learn and develop strong partnerships that form the foundations of the Defence community. 

Key highlights for this year’s event included bridging, mobility, counter-mobility, and convoy protection—camp sustainment, deployable infrastructure, force protection, amphibious engineering, vehicles, and future terrain. 


DOK-ING is an engineering leader in the development and production of robotic and autonomous systems and equipment for special purposes. DOK-ING has proven itself as a leader in the international market with more than 80% market share of the world market of humanitarian demining machines. It does business with clients in more than 40 countries around the world. DOK-ING deals with the integration of its own innovations and new technologies develops and produces robotic and autonomous systems for the protection of human life and property in dangerous environments, primarily for military engineering, NKBR (nuclear chemical biological and radiological), crisis situations, counter-terrorism and underground mining. In more than 30 years of business, the company has been recognized for changing the industrial landscape with an innovative approach and has won more than a hundred international awards in the fields of business, innovation, and technology.