DOK-ING the Platinum Sponsor of Fightbotics


Hrvatska, Zagreb, December 3rd, 2023 – DOK-ING was the platinum sponsor of this year’s Fightbotics, a battle robot competition that took place in Zagreb. For this occasion teams of enthusiastic students and high schoolers constructed combat robots from scratch. The endorsement of this third edition showcased DOK-ING’s support of technological progress in the field of robotics.


„Fightbotics extends beyond robot combat; it’s a platform dedicated to nurturing emerging talents. At DOK-ING, we are honored to contribute to this innovation and witness the relentless pursuit of excellence among these bright young minds, as they pave the way toward a futuristic landscape in robotics.“ said Ema Gregurek, Head of Human Resources at DOK-ING.


Fightbotics is a competition organized by the student non-profit association „Strojarnica Student makerspace“ involving students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the students of the Academy of Dramatic Arts. This unique event allowed young innovators to power up their robots and measure strenghts in a custom-made fighting arena. High school students, college students, hobbyists, and companies were all invited to apply their engineering expertise to address practical challenges, including programming, radio control, selection of construction materials, and calculation & CAD design of combat robots. They are then tested in the arena tailored for the main event.

The participants had the opportunity to acquire valuable teamwork experience, connect with potential future employers, and contribute to the development of a community of passionate fans of robot fights.

„Fightbotics evolved beyond mere competition,  it epitomized a fusion of creativity, collaboration, and exceptional engineering prowess.“ said the Fightbotics team to DOK-ING. They continued, „The invaluable support from DOK-ING elevated this event, nurturing an atmosphere where innovative ideas intersected, friendships flourished, and technological advancements surged forward.“


The competition garnered substantial participation, with 23 teams across the Croatia joining the challenge. Beyond the active participants, the tournament also captivated a sizable audience, leading to a swift sell-out of tickets within a matter of days. The battles unfolded in an intensely charged atmosphere, following several hours of intense duels. The teams „SpužvaBot 2 Osvetnik“ and „Eggsecutioner“ emerged as the rivals in the highly anticipated finals. Despite the closely contested showdown, the title was taken by the team „Eggsecutioner“ with two consecutive victories.


Members of the Eggsecutioner team said:„In our exhilarating journey through Fightbotics, we were challenged to push our creative and technical limits. Being alongside DOK-ING was truly inspiring; their revolutionary solutions showcase what’s possible. We’re proud to contribute to this innovative community.


As the event also provided students with the opportunity to connect with sponsoring companies, DOK-ING stand was crowded with these young disruptors. This talented students were keen to learn more about the world-saving robotic solutions of this engineering pioneer.




DOK-ING is an engineering powerhouse of heavy-duty robotics & autonomous systems. The company is an international market leader and has more than 80% of the market share in more than 40 countries globally. The headquarter is in the Croatian capital Zagreb, and, besides the European office, DOK-ING is incorporated on the following continents: North America, Africa & Asia. In more than 30 years of being in the business, the company has been recognised for changing the industrial landscape with its innovative approach. It has won many international “doing business and industrial” awards in innovations and technologies.

By integrating its own innovations and new technologies, DOK-ING develops and manufactures robotic and autonomous systems to protect human lives & property in dull, dirty and dangerous environments, known to responders, primarily in Military Engineering, CBRNe, Counter-Terrorism, Emergency Response & Underground Mining.