Gender Equality in the Corporate World – International Women Day 2024


Zagreb, Croatia, 08.03.2024. – DOK-ING proudly celebrates the spirit of gender equality and honours the outstanding social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. DOK-ING, as one of the leading technological companies in Croatia, advocates for gender equality and empowers women to advance in their careers. 

DOK-ING today proudly witnesses the significant presence of women in higher and leadership positions, which is evidence of the company’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity. Although DOK-ING is a company in the research and technology industry, historically dominated by men, there is a noticeable positive shift in trends where more and more women are gravitating towards STEM fields. Additionally, there is a growing trend in the number of female students enrolling in technical faculties, showing a greater interest in joining the DOK-ING family even during their studies. Within DOK-ING, women hold higher and leadership positions in various departments, including the Supervisory Board, Finance, Controlling, Human Resources, R&D, Procurement & Logistics, Management Office, Energy Research and Development, Strategy, and Business Development in the Energy industry, PR and Marketing. The company celebrates their invaluable contributions and remains committed to creating an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and succeed. 

As part of the “Business Development and Innovation in Croatia” program, Ante Bakić, a member of the DOK-ING Management Board responsible for research and development, was invited as a panellist to the prestigious Norwegian-Croatian conference on the topic of Women in the Business.” The central theme of this conference was focused on the career advancement of women within high-tech companies. Panellist Mr Bakić eloquently shared insights gained from his personal journey and DOK-ING’s efforts to promote an inclusive environment, especially in leadership roles. His presentation served as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting tangible efforts and dedication to supporting and advancing women in the professional sphere.


Mr Ante Bakić, a member of the DOK-ING Management Board, highlighted the excellent business collaboration with female leaders in the corporate landscape throughout his extensive business career: Women in business contribute with their exceptional qualities such as high motivation, innovativeness, ethics, ambition, dedication, and adaptability. Additionally, women demonstrate a pedantic approach to operational and strategic tasks, aiming to achieve optimal team results. Within our company, there are no barriers such as the ‘glass ceiling’ or ‘concrete wall,’ but we advocate for a culture of equal opportunities for career advancement, where competence and merits are the only criteria considered, regardless of gender. We wholeheartedly congratulate all our female employees on this special occasion of International Women’s Day!”

*metaphors that indicate the obstacles women face in corporate management.




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