Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence in DOK-ING

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Ivan Anušić and Chief of the Croatian Armed Forces General Staff Admiral Robert Hranj visited DOK-ING

Zagreb, Croatia, January 2nd, 2024 – The delegation from the Croatian MoD led by newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Mr Ivan Anušić and Chief of the Croatian Armed Forces General Staff Admiral Robert Hranj with their associates visited DOK-ING at the very beginning of the new year.

Representatives of DOK-ING, led by the owner and founder of the company, Vjekoslav Majetić, congratulated the new Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister on his new appointment and wished him and his associates success in their future endeavours. 

From his side, Minister Anušić wished for a series of business successes in the new year 2024 and emphasized that he is confident that the Ministry of Defense and DOK-ING will continue their excellent cooperation for mutual benefit and satisfaction.

The Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Defense will continue to strongly support the development of the Croatian defense industry,” said Minister Anušić, adding that investing in defense is a direct investment in the security of our citizens, prosperity, and the economic development of the country.

He also highlighted the importance of the participation of the Croatian defense industry in the process of modernizing the Croatian Armed Forces, stating that the Ministry of Defense supports the Croatian economy and defense industry through equipment and modernization projects, which will continue in 2024.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Croatia, Admiral Hranj, also expressed satisfaction with the ongoing cooperation with the company DOK-ING, which, he said, will continue in the same direction.

As part of the working visit, the minister, the chief of defence, and their associates, along with representatives of DOK-ING, toured the company’s production facility as well as the facilities of DOK-ING’s start-up Indeloop dedicated to the development of dual-use technologies and green solutions within defense sector.

The delegation was impressed by DOK-ING’s portfolio, production facilities, research and development activities. A number of follow-up working meetings were agreed for the purpose of further deepening cooperation between DOK-ING, the Ministry of Defence and the Croatian Armed Forces.



Photo credit: MORH/ F. Klen