DOK-ING Officially Becomes a Part of the Alliance of Defence Industries for the Recovery of Ukraine



Kyiv, Ukraine, 29th of September 2023.DOK-ING had the honour of participating in the International Defence Industries Forum held in Kyiv, Ukraine on the 29th of September 2023. The event has gathered a vast number of the most important stakeholders from the fields of defence industry, the security sector, and international organizations from all over the world. DOK-ING is proud that the company was not only one of the invitees of this remarkable event but also an active panellist in the panel discussion “Demining of Ukraine’s Liberated Territories” together with a select number of Ukrainian and foreign dignitaries and experts, including Mrs Yuliya Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economy of Ukraine.



Gordan Pešić, a DOK-ING Member of the Board who participated in the discussion as a panelist stated:The Republic of Croatia and DOK-ING have a significant potential in helping Ukraine with its demining operations. DOK-ING has the necessary industrial capacity to provide a plethora of solutions to Ukraine stemming from our 32 years of experience in supplying over 500 multi-purpose remote-operated robotic systems for demining and C-IED, combat engineering, and emergency response use – all of which are our own innovation, an original design and manufacture, thus making them easy to repair and upgrade.” Pešić concluded and added: DOK-ING and Croatia have unfortunately gained their expertise within the same war circumstances under which Ukraine is right now. This is one of the reasons why we fully know and understand the whole-of-industry, whole-of-government, and whole-of-society needs that Ukraine has and what it requires. That being said, DOK-ING is fully capable of delivering the machines that Ukraine needs and ensuring their continuous usage to the full extent of their capabilities.”



In June 2023 in London, at the conference on the recovery of Ukraine, DOK-ING finalized the memorandum of understanding with the esteemed partners from A3Tech-Ukraine. This memorandum highlights the joint commitment of both companies to leading the production of robotic systems in Ukraine. This collaboration between DOK-ING and A3Tech and Croatia and Ukraine represents a significant milestone in the field of mine action.

DOK-ING is proud to claim that Ukrainian partners are fully trained in the company’s HQ in Croatia and are certified in accordance with the strictest DOK-ING standards in order to ensure the utmost level of quality.

In addition, A3Tech is DOK-ING’s “eyes and ears” on the ground in Ukraine. A3Tech has already started producing and will continue to produce even larger amounts of components in Ukraine, under a DOK-ING license. This is done as a part of fruitful cooperation between the two market players – to meet the continuous and increasing high demand for reliable high-quality equipment that Ukraine needs. Furthermore, thanks to DOK-ING’s esteemed partners from A3Tech-Ukraine, the company can provide direct line support with each Mechanical Team Leader on the ground.

DOK-ING’s participation in this prestigious international forum in Ukraine represents a clear sign of global recognition as the world’s foremost company in the field of demining – showing that our company and the Republic of Croatia as a whole have a lot to offer within the world industrial elite.

However, more important for both DOK-ING and the Republic of Croatia is the knowledge that what the company does in Ukraine and the rest of the world has a profoundly positive humanitarian effect. DOK-ING is looking forward to continuing to do what the company does the best for now and in the future, but also to never stop improving its products for the benefit of both: the company’s end-users and the company itself.


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