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DOK-ING participated in the “International Donors’ Conference on humanitarian demining in Ukraine” in Zagreb, Croatia


Zagreb, Croatia, 11-12th of October 2023. – DOK-ING has participated in the two-day International Donors’ Conference on humanitarian demining in Ukraine which was held in the Croatian and DOK-ING capital city of Zagreb on the 11th and 12th of October 2023. The event was co-hosted by the Prime Minister of Croatia Mr. Andrej Plenković and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Denys Shmychal with the cooperation of the European Commission and the Spanish EU Council Presidency.

Representatives from both the public sector and the industry from more than 36 countries across the world as well as experts from the EU institutions, the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, UNDP, UNOPS and WFP gathered together with the aim of contributing to decontamination from explosive ordnance resulting from the Russian war against Ukraine.


The guiding thought behind the Zagreb Conference was to secure financial commitments from the international community so that Ukraine could, with the help of its international partners, gain an impetus for the reconstruction of areas impacted by the war, allowing the displaced Ukrainians to return home safely and enable them to revive their economic and social activities. In short – the event represents a unified effort to demonstrate international solidarity in Ukraine’s pursuit of lasting peace, and freedom and preserving democratic values.  

Zagreb conference represents a twofold honour for DOK-ING because not only did the conference display the strongest possible determination of the Republic of Croatia and its industry to help Ukraine but also because it gave DOK-ING an opportunity to present its own past and future activities within Ukraine.

Speaking on behalf of DOK-ING and the Croatian defence industry competitiveness cluster (CDICC), Gordan Pešić, a DOK-ING Member of the Board who participated in one of the panel discussions, stated;DOK-ING has been delivering robotic systems to Ukraine as well as training operators, technicians, mechanics and other personnel crucial to the demining efforts. Defining characteristic which sets DOK-ING (together with stakeholders from Croatia) apart from any other providers on the market is the capacity to deliver a comprehensive holistic mine action solution for Ukraine in cooperation with the government and other stakeholders.”

This includes not only the production and delivery of robotic demining systems, but also: assistance in capacity building and further development of existing demining/mine action centres; assistance regarding helping Ukrainian partners to structure and form future centre(s) for testing, development and training; assistance in developing training aids and curriculum for training of various SMEs for future demining/mine action/testing centres; organisation, equipping and training of mechanical demining teams that would be equipped from the Croatian system of capabilities; and ultimately establishing an uninterrupted chain of logistics and sustainability for the equipment.

The experience of DOK-ING stems from Croatia’s own Homeland War for independence which is why the company is acutely aware of every detail within the wider scope of the demining process and just how important it is for Ukraine to gain traction as soon as possible with the highest possible number of systems and operators. DOK-ING can, as soon as possible after the confirmation of commitment, produce the necessary number of systems to fully meet the Ukrainian capability requirements – while at the same time providing any and all of the additional services.

DOK-ING has also emphasised that the success of demining efforts in Ukraine is greatly strengthened by the work of DOK-INGs local partnerships in Ukraine. This “on the ground” presence is represented by the close cooperation between DOK-ING, A3TECH-Ukraine, Fondation suisse de déminage (FSD) and State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU) – all of whom are vital for the successful demining of contaminated territory.

Besides the participation in the formal part of the Zagreb Conference, on the 11th of October, DOK-ING has also hosted more than 40 international stakeholders. The experts visited DOK-INGs training area near Zagreb where they had the opportunity to witness first-hand DOK-INGs demining systems in action. In addition, they were given a tour of DOK-INGs production facilities within the company’s HQ in Zagreb where they were able to gain a deeper insight into the company’s portfolio, highest possible production standards, the specifics of DOK-ING’s after-sales support, and the overall quality of DOK-ING’s products and services.





DOK-ING is an engineering powerhouse of heavy-duty robotics & autonomous systems. The company is an international market leader and has more than 80% of the market share in more than 40 countries globally. The headquarter is in the Croatian capital Zagreb, and, besides the European office, DOK-ING is incorporated on the following continents: North America, Africa & Asia. In more than 30 years of being in the business, the company has been recognised for changing the industrial landscape with its innovative approach and won many international “doing business and industrial” awards in innovations and technologies. 

By integrating its own innovations and new technologies, DOK-ING develops and manufactures robotic and autonomous systems to protect human lives & property in dull, dirty and dangerous environments, known to responders, primarily in Military Engineering, CBRNe, Emergency Response & Underground Mining.

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