DOK-ING Presented Next-Gen CBRN Modular Ground Hybrid System for Extreme Envireoments at NCT South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March, 2022 – An amazing Brazilian Copacabana Fort hosted NCT South America this March 2022. During the three day event, DOK-ING’s CBRN team discussed Non-Conventional threats and capability gaps in CBRN and the protection of critical infrastructure fields. DOK-ING wants to contribute to the development of national and regional CBRN action plans, exchanges of good practices and CBRN capacity building activities. As leaders in dual-use technologies and systems, DOK-ING encourages all types of activities that aim to support new technologies and shape dual-use innovation. In doing so, DOK-ING had the pleasure to present the most recent member of the company’s robotics family, an innovative robotic and autonomous system Komodo to the highest decision-makers from the South American CBRNe, C-IED, and EOD communities. The Komodo itself is an innovation in this field, as it addresses a wide variety of mission profiles in the civil and military domain. At DOK-ING we believe that a comprehensive political, civilian and military approach is necessary for effective emergency management.

DOK-ING’s new innovative robotic system Komodo presents a unique unmanned ground system that can operate in extreme chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) conditions. Co-financed by ESIF (European Structural and Investment Fund), and supported by EDA as a dual-use asset, the UGS is designed to operate in extreme conditions hazardous to intervention teams with the following key capabilities:
        Hybrid propulsion system able to operate in extreme conditions such as low oxygen and high temperature
        Reconnaissance and situational awareness mission profile with a wide variety of sensors and detectors and advanced video system
        Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) decontamination of vertical and horizontal objects, combat and non-combat equipment, as well as partial self-decontamination
        Sample collection of vapour, liquid and solid-state samples
        Product control and mitigation with different types of front and rear exchangeable tools