EU Provides Ukraine With DOK-ING's MV-10 Mine Clearing Robotic System

EU Provides Ukraine With DOK-ING’s MV-10 Mine Clearing Robotic System

Zagreb, Croatia, February 2024 – In the framework of the most recent visit to Ukraine by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission (HR/VP) Josep Borrell, the State Special Transport Service of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine received DOK-ING’s Heavy-Duty mine-clearing system, the MV-10.

This is the latest delivery within the framework of the European Union EUR 25-million worth support package for humanitarian demining in Ukraine announced at the EU-Ukraine Summit of February 2023. The objective of this initiative is to swiftly address the urgent needs of Ukraine’s state mine action operators by providing essential equipment for demining teams, as well as special armored vehicles for transporting explosives and encountered UXOs, detection devices, PPE, mean of transportation and other associated equipment.

“While fighting against the aggressor, Ukraine is at the same time already rebuilding. Its demining operators are taking on the extremely dangerous but essential task of clearing liberated land from deadly mines and other ERW russian aggressors had left behind. We are honoured to make the work of Ukrainian deminers safer and more efficient with this high-value European equipment. Together we can help save lives and contribute to a better future for Ukraine”, said High Representative/Vice-President (HR/VP) Josep Borrell.

MV-10 Heavy-duty EOD robotic system clears both Anti-Personnel and Anti-Tank mines, cluster munition, and other unexploded ordnance with similar explosive quantity in TNT equavalent making it well-suited for treating larger areas. Its remote control feature ensures enhanced safety during operation. MV-10 can demine up to 4000 square meters per hour, even on steep slopes, offering highly efficient clearance. Additionally, the present EU support includes a dedicated training course for Ukrainian operators who will work on MV-10 system.

“We are grateful for the European Union’s help. This equipment will improve the capabilities of our forces and allow sappers to demine deoccupied territories faster and safer.“, stated Head of Administration of the State Special Transport Service of Ukraine Major General Bohdan Bondar and concluded: „The Russian aggression has left behind many explosive objects in Ukraine, and demining will take decades. Technological solutions will accelerate this work“.

Due to the russian aggression, Ukraine is among the most mine & ERW-contaminated countries worldwide. Exceptional DOK-ING mechanical demining systems have been clearing the path to safety and recovery of land since late 2022 diminishing the spectre of impending danger that haunts Ukraine. Demining of areas liberated from russian occupation is essential for Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction. It enables the safe return of of civilians and the revival of economic activities, particularly in transportation, commerce, and agriculture.