GLOBSEC demining report – One Step Away From Death: Humanitarian Demining in Ukraine


Brussels, Belgium, January 2024.Iuliia Osmolovska, Director of GLOBSEC’s Kyiv Office, presented the key findings from the latest GLOBSEC demining report “Cleaning the Augean Stables: Humanitarian Demining in Ukraine” during the working dinner held in Brussels on January 23rd 2024. The event was co-hosted by the office of the Member of the European Parliament Karlo Ressler and GLOBSEC, one of the leading global security and defence think tanks.

The event gathered a select group of key stakeholders dedicated to addressing the critical issue of humanitarian demining in Ukraine by fostering better coordination and understanding of ongoing initiatives, including those implemented through the EU, NATO, and multilateral and bilateral frameworks.

Representatives from the Ukrainian State Special Transport Service (SSTS) and State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU) provided operational views on demining activities and briefed the critical requirements from the field to all event attendees.

Many participants representing national authorities (Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania) and international institutions (NATO, EU, EBRD) engaged in a discussion aimed at identifying the most effective solutions and sharing information on respective initiatives focused on humanitarian demining in Ukraine. As one of the key outcomes of the event

The vice-president of the Croatian defence industry competitiveness cluster (CDICC) and DOK-ING member of the board Gordan Pešić stated: ”Connecting major national and international decision-makers is a necessary for a successful public-private relationship which can be used to increase the speed and efficiency of the humanitarian demining challenge in Ukraine.

A closer coordination among main stakeholders and a better understanding of various efforts is needed if more effective deliverables are to be expected on the ground. Following Ukrainian policy recommendations and ultimately localizing training and production capacities will close the critical capability gap and ensure sustainable solutions.


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