Sustainability of DOK-ING Machines in Ukraine

Shepetivka, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Ukraine, February, 2024 – In collaboration with its trusted partner A3Teh-Ukraine, DOK-ING has significantly enhanced machine sustainability of all DOK-ING demining assets in Ukraine by integrating locally produced parts under DOK-ING’s licensing agreement.

„DOK-ING’s partnership with A3Teh-Ukraine has optimized on-site rapid response and technical support operations in Ukraine, commencement of partial parts production by A3Teh and ensuring their swift integration under DOK-ING’s license. This joint effort has not only fortified the supply chain, but also strengthened after-sales support to DOK-ING-produced equipment in war-affected regions. This combined activity has lead toward minimizing machines’ down-time in case of their severe damage caused by explosions,“ as stated by Mr Gordan Pešić, DOK-ING Board Member.

Due to weather diversity, terrain challenge and UXO high-threat environment, prompt and effective machine repair becomes imperative in Ukraine. On 7 February one of DOK-ING light MV-4 Multi-Mission EOD Robotic System operated in Mykolaiv Oblast by SESU withstood an AT mine explosion. MV-4 Prime Mover got no impact, but its Flail Head was damaged, with a need for repair.

Upon receiving the damaged MV-4 at its production facilities in Shepetivka on the day followed by the accident, A3Teh-Ukraine, acting as DOK-ING’s trusted ally on the ground, was able to fully repair the Flail Head. Machine tool was also painted and fully tested, upon which it was received by SESU back with gratitude on 21 February.

The partnership between DOK-ING and A3Teh-Ukraine has not only transformed sustainability of demining operations in Ukraine, but also established a benchmark for international cooperation in addressing the global threat of landmines and UXOs.



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