At NCT PRO Challenge International Tactical Teams Resolved High-Risk Tasks Using DOK-ING’s Robotic Systems


Zagreb, Croatia, 23.5.2024. – At the prestigious event NCT EUROPE & PRO CHALLENGE 2024, DOK-ING’s robotic systems were used in scenarios involving high-risk tasks, such as the detection of radiological radiation, terrorist and hostage situations. Training for international special tactical military and police teams in dangerous crisis situations—such as terrorism, smuggling, explosive device removal, and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) threats—was conducted in the premises of the unfinished University Hospital in Zagreb, Blato. The NCT Europe & PRO Challenge 2024 event took place from May 20-23, 2024, bringing together 450 industry experts from 40 countries worldwide.

On the occasion of this unique and largest event where special tactical military and police teams were trained in the field of defence and security, DOK-ING provided two robotic systems for the training: the revolutionary MV-3 Hystrix Counter-Terrorism Robotic System and the MVC-8 Komodo CBRN Robotic System. DOK-ING’s advanced technology demonstrated outstanding performance, ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations in the most demanding conditions. DOK-ING, an engineering pioneer in the development and production of robotic and autonomous systems and equipment for special purposes, was both a sponsor and exhibitor at this event, which included a conference, training sessions, and demonstrations.

The organisation was focused on training tactical teams that carried out various missions according to the different scenarios, using the most advanced industry equipment. This year’s NCT training involved transforming the unfinished University Hospital into a simulated operation zone following the conflict in Ukraine. Although the scenario depicted the war as over, the fighting had not ceased, and the remnants of war prevented civil society from rebuilding a new life in the city. The unfinished University Hospital was an ideal location because, in the scenario, tactical teams entered areas that were a combination of ruins, high-rise buildings with destroyed glass walls, and agricultural land with hidden explosive devices. 

Domagoj Đuričić, Sales Manager at DOK-ING stated: “In scenarios, the simulated operation zone was full of dangerous missions including illegal immigrants which were hiding in the dark underground and threats to the civilian population included criminal groups. Additionally, the day before an earthquake had caused the release of toxic and radiological materials. Therefore, in the scenario the national government requested international support from tactical teams to solve these issues. In these dull, dirty and hazardous scenarios, international tactical teams used DOK-ING’s Robotic Systems to manage these high risk situations with the aim to minimise all risks to human lives. The MV-3 Hystrix Robotic System was used for the Counter-Terrorism operations and the MVC-8 Komodo Robotic System for CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) threats.

At the conference, leading European scientists shared cutting-edge insights and data-driven strategies, as well as innovative concepts in the fields of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) threats, EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), and C-IED (Counter-Improvised Explosive Device).

Davor Petek, DOK-ING’s Program Manager for Security and Defense, during his presentation at the conference stated:DOK-ING develops technologically advanced solutions in the defence industry to effectively address the challenges of the modern era. Our end users, elite tactical teams from various countries around the world, participate in training sessions and demonstrations, providing us with valuable feedback. Their desires and needs, shaped by specific threats in their regions, are crucial to our work. The advantage of DOK-ING lies in our personalised approach. Based on the information collected, we continuously improve our systems through an ongoing development cycle. This approach allows us to deliver customised solutions that meet the specific requirements of our users, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety in the field.”

Photo credits: Večernji list, Kruno Galjar

Alenko Ribić, DOK-ING’s Counter-Terrorism Expert, stated:Counter-Terrorism interventions pose a significant threat to tactical teams due to the limitations of personal ballistic protection. This multifunctional robotic system was developed based on analyses of counter-terrorism strategies and lessons learned. The MV-3 gives tactical teams the option to use the system with or without the team, providing flexibility and a modular approach without exposing special tactical units to danger. If the system goes into a risky area without a tactical team (such as special forces or intervention units), it can conduct reconnaissance with an advanced video system consisting of 9 cameras and 2 LCD monitors. Additionally, it can remove hazardous obstacles with additional tools and has detectors for certain gases (such as butane, propane, etc.). The system can carry an additional 700 kg of special equipment like formation protective ballistic shields, weapons and ammunition, ladders, and more.” Ribić concluded and added: “All these options are also used with 8 members of the tactical team on the Hystrix and the system can also transport the wounded individuals and other personnel. When the tactical team is on the robotic system, a significant advantage is the ballistic protection for personnel, specifically a highly protective level IV ballistic shield, which reduces the risk of fatality and injury. By introducing the MV-3 Counter-Terrorism Robotic System into the operational system of special units, their tactical capability will be significantly enhanced, operation times reduced, and most importantly, the level of protection for tactical team members during interventions will be increased.”


DOK-ING is an engineering powerhouse of heavy-duty robotics & autonomous systems. The company is an international market leader and has more than 80% of the market share in more than 40 countries globally. The headquarter is in the Croatian capital Zagreb, and, besides the European office, DOK-ING is incorporated on the following continents: North America, Africa & Asia. In more than 30 years of being in the business, the company has been recognised for changing the industrial landscape with its innovative approach. It has won many international “doing business and industrial” awards in innovations and technologies.

By integrating its own innovations and new technologies, DOK-ING develops and manufactures robotic and autonomous systems to protect human lives & property in dull, dirty and dangerous environments, known to responders, primarily in Military Engineering, CBRNe, Counter-Terrorism, Emergency Response & Underground Mining.