DOK-ING Held a Mine Action Workshop in the Basra Governorate of Iraq


Basra, Iraq, February 2024. – DOK-ING conducted a mine action workshop in Basra Governorate of Iraq in close collaboration with the Iraqi Department of Mine Action (DMA), on 14th February 2024. This landmark event was under the esteemed supervision of Dr. Iktifa’a Al-Hasnawi, the Administrative and Financial Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment, and Eng. Shawkat Tayeh Masoud, the Director General of DMA. This significant event brought together representatives from various Iraqi Ministries including Defense and Interior, as well as esteemed national and international organisations deeply committed to mine action initiatives across Iraq, as well as the Croatian embassy in Iraq. The DOK-ING team presented its cutting-edge EOD and demining systems that can provide critical support towards more efficient regional demining operations.

Due to the complexity and the extent of the mine and ERW challenge in the region, the main goal of the workshop was to inform the key stakeholders and provide an overview of solutions including DOK-ING capabilities that can expedite the mine action activities and support national and local authorities response in reducing further harm to civilian population.”-stated Davor Petek, Business Development Manager at DOK-ING and continued: “Using more effective and safer demining methods will provide better utilisation of available resources as well as enable further infrastructure development in cleared areas.

Representatives of DMA and DOK-ING also visited active minefields in the vicinity of Basra to discuss technical aspects of demining operations. This firsthand experience painted a vivid and undeniable picture of the gravity and severity of the challenge at hand, highlighting the urgent need for effective solutions in mine action efforts.


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