Increased Demand for DOK-ING’s Counter-Terrorism Robotic System Prompted by Rigorous Security Measures for the Upcoming Olympics in Paris


Nuremberg, Germany, 28.02.2024. – An unprecedented interest was shown in DOK-ING’s counter-terrorism robotic system MV-3 at the Enforce Tac fair, held in the German city of Nuremberg from February 26th to 28th, 2024. In today’s insecure environment, both internal and external security of the country, as well as its defense, are becoming increasingly important. Innovative solutions in the field of security and defense were presented at the Enforce Tac fair, and DOK-ING’s MV-3 multi-functional robotic system attracted special attention. It is intended for special police and military units, providing them with versatile support in special, intervention, explosive ordnance disposal, and anti-terrorism situations.



Dino Išasegi, Sales Manager in DOK-ING-a stated: „At the Enforce TAC fair, we have been participating for the third consecutive year, as it is a prominent event in the field of defense and security. This year’s edition has brought a significant increase in interest in innovations that can improve efficiency in hostage and similar operations, and our MV-3 machine represents precisely such an innovation. The increased demand for DOK-ING’s innovative counter-terrorism robotic system has resulted from stricter security measures for the upcoming Olympics in Paris, which will take place from June to August this year. The MV-3 has impressed with its innovative technical and tactical capabilities in dealing with potentially high-risk situations. Our robotic system is unique in the world and is designed to bridge the identified gap in capabilities observed during the performance of anti-terrorism tasks by special units. It is used in the fight against terrorism and in resolving high-risk crisis situations, such as terrorist attacks or hostage crises.”

During the three-day event, over 700 exhibitors showcased innovative products ranging from disaster management to crime prevention, at the leading event in the field of security and defense. Citizen protection, preservation of stability, safeguarding territorial integrity, crime prevention, and national defense are of broader public interest, hence the remarkable interest from security agencies and the military at this fair, which has recorded over 9000 visitors.

Alenko Ribić, former assistant for operational tasks of special units within the Ministry of the Interior, DOK-ING’s strategic advisor, stated on this occasion: “Counter-terrorism interventions pose a significant threat to tactical teams due to the limitations of personal ballistic protection. The MV-3 is the result of fundamental analyses of counter-terrorism strategies and drawing valuable lessons, aimed at providing necessary support in such situations. Its versatile nature enables tactical teams flexibility and customized access, whether used with them or independently. When necessary, the MV-3 can safely explore and survey dangerous areas using advanced video systems and obstacle-removal tools. Additionally, it is equipped with gas detectors such as butane and propane and is capable of transporting additional specialized equipment, such as ballistic shields, weapons, ammunition, ladders, and other tools necessary for the successful execution of the task.”

The global fight against terrorism has led to the constant development of police and military specialized equipment and techniques for special units in response to potential threats. Modern terrorism poses a threat to the entire international community, and the development of special vehicles, techniques, equipment, weaponry, and more, creates a defensive mechanism for prevention as well as for effectively addressing potential crisis situations in the domain of counter-terrorism. Based on all available data, it has been determined that critical infrastructure facilities, especially those with high human traffic such as shopping malls, airports, sports arenas, cinemas, theaters, hotels, etc., are potential targets for attacks by individuals and terrorist groups. Today’s tactics within these facilities limit special units to using their personal protective and ballistic equipment and portable ballistic shields of various protection levels, which still do not provide sufficient security.

Hence, there is a need for a multifunctional counter-terrorism system like the MV-3 ‘Hystrix’, which can tactically operate in larger enclosed spaces while carrying a tactical team with all necessary specialized equipment that can be quickly deployed for operational use. Although the MV-3 is intended for the needs of police and military counter-terrorism and special units in combating all forms of terrorism and resolving hostage and other crisis situations, it has practical application for intervention units and explosive ordnance disposal units as well. By introducing the MV-3 multifunctional counter-terrorism vehicle into the operational system of police and military special units, their capabilities in solving the most complex tasks within their scope of work will be significantly enhanced.

“Considering all of the above, it’s certain that the MV-3 Hystrix has practical utility in all counter-terrorism tasks and measures that will be implemented as part of the highly demanding security for this year’s Olympic Games in Paris,” added Alenko Ribić,  DOK-ING’s strategic advisor.


Enforce Tac 2024 provided a grand exhibition and conference program with interactive presentations and seminars highlighting current topics. Since its establishment in 2012, this specialized fair has become an indispensable meeting place for the industry, known for its discreet atmosphere and high quality exhibitions and presentations. The fair is organized by NürnbergMesse GmbH, one of Germany’s leading fair organizers, which provides the perfect backdrop for this event with its comprehensive expertise and professionalism. Enforce Tac 2024 had an exhibition area of 29,940 m². That is 7,740 m² more than in 2023.



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